Household Fun

Warning: Smut/Toys
Description: After a fancy quicky after school, Dan and Phil rush to get home for Dan to use his toys to their full extent.
A/N: Also, I spent all day typing this at different times, I might go back later to redo some parts of it so don’t worry if not all of it makes sense right now.
Word Count: 2,957
Sequel to Just Wait Til We Get Home and You’ll Really See What This Can Do

“You’re parents aren’t home, correct?” Dan whipped his head around as he yanked my hand in the direction of my own house. We were coming back from school, where, we um, had to take care of business in the bathroom I guess you could say. I winched as I stumbled over a crack in the sidewalk, my ass still hurts, I’m used to Dan fucking me, sure, but I never got up right away and literally ran about a mile away. “Ye-a, I believe so.” “Good, I have another surprise for you today” That evil grin of his reveling itself for the second time today. “Oh god Dan, we never use anything and out of nowhere you decide to bring up all these new objects.” I exclaim, I was a bit worried, but the dildo from earlier was better than I thought, and it wasn’t even turned on. “Oh shut up, you know you’re excited!” I wasn’t gonna lie, I kinda was. “Coul- ah!” I yelped as Dan almost made me fall at his harsh past to get home. “Could you at least give me a hint?” I cried. “Fine!” He stopped dead in his tracks to turn and face me, bring his hand that wasn’t wrapped around my own to hold my cheek biting his lip before answering. “It warps around your dick baby.” Oh god, he did not just say he bought me a cock ring. “Daaan! Did you seriously get one of those?!” He just laughed at me. “Yes, and I’m glad I did seeing how you were just 20 minutes ago, and that was when it wasn’t even vibrating.” A blush creeping across my face at the memory, making me looks down at my feet. “Let’s hurry up and go home then.” I mumbled under my breath, just loud enough for him to hear, the smile brightening up his face. “Well, come on then!” Yanking me` from our stand still.

We soon arrived at my home, the car missing from the driveway indicating my parents aren’t home like they said. Dan ran up to the front door, dropping my hand to unlock the door with the spare key I gave him that he almost never uses except for times like this, he usually climbs up the tree by my window to get inside. He hurried and got inside, shutting and locking the door behind him, proceeding to grab my arm just under the elbow and pull me up the stairs to my room. “Phh-iiill! Hurry up!” Dan yelled at me as I stumbled tripping over every other step. “I’m coming! Jezz!” We finally entered my room after I stumbled one to many times. “Where are your parents due home?” Dan asked as he threw down his backpack then his jacket. “I don’t know, late tonight if I’m correct.” I answered, removing my own jacket and backpack, dropping them alongside his. “Good.”

Before I had time to react, Dan had pounced on me, sending me back on the bed with a childish giggle coming from him as he straggled me hips. He attached his own pink lips to mine, pushing his tongue to explore my mouth. A moan slipping out of his mouth into mine. “Da-annnn” I moaned while he unbuttoned my shirt, shifting my shoulders to make it easier to remove it. Dan leaned up, his lips disconnecting with mine, a small trail of saliva only connecting them now. “Put your hands above your head darling.” I did as I was told, he leaned down to the side of the bed reaching in his backpack snatching a rope and come back, raping the rope around my wrist attaching me to my own bed. “Dan, why the hell do you even bring these to school?” He just chuckled at me, his slightly curly hair from earlier, bouncing just a tad. “I was waiting for a day like today to come around.” God Dan, why.

“Come on, let’s get these off.” He exclaimed, gesturing to my pants. “Only if you comply to do it as well.” A cheesy grin coming across my now flustered face. He leaned down, our faces square to each other, “Sure thing baby.” His smirk growing allowing his dimples to be displayed.  It didn’t take Dan long before he had both of our trousers on the floor and his shirt so we were both laying there in just our boxers.  I could feel Dan’s hard on against my thigh as he thrusted downwards causing him to moan quiet loud. “Mmm Phil.” Our lips reconnected, both of us fighting for dominance even though we both knew he was gonna win in the end. My boxers were ripped off within seconds, Dan’s slender fingers wrapping around my manhood making me gasp at the sudden contact. I could feel a cold hard object wrap around my cock knowing exactly what it was. My eyes fluttered shut as Dan kept pumping me, slowly, but surely getting me hard. I could feel him shuffling back to grab the lube he must have set at the end of the bed when he grabbed the rope and cock ring. A whimper slipped from me when he stopped stroking. “Stay there, I need to go grab the toy.” He got up from on top of me and ran over to his backpack, I couldn’t help but stare at his ass as he walked away, a small moan passing my lips. Once he retrieved it, he returned back over to me separating my legs so he can slip in between them. “Ya ready sweetie?”  He questioned me, as he rubbed the cold liquid onto the pink object in his hands, staring at me for a sign, his pupils huge from excitement. I nodded with a soft smile, letting my eyes slip back into the darkness. It was quiet for a bit before I felt the toy be positioned at my entrance for the second time today. My dick started to twice as I was overwhelmed with excitement. Dan slowly started to push it in, just the tip, but soon followed by more and more until it was fully inside of me, I pulled at my wrist, trying to get away, god did he tie these tight. Once it was fully inside me, I heard it roar to life making me thrash my legs around almost kicking Dan off the bed, I would have said sorry, but all that came out of my mouth was a stream of moans. I was moaning so loud, I barley heard Dan’s laughter as he leaned up to nibble at my neck, slowly starting to thrust the object in and out of me. He soon started to go faster as sweat held up on my forehead.  I couldn’t keep my legs still for the life of me, just as I thought I could calm down my legs a bit, Dan flipped the switch and made it go up a notch making me moan even louder than before, which I didn’t believe could get any louder. “Oh god- Da-aaAAN!” I practically screamed as he rubbed it up against my prostate, making me squirm and wiggle underneath Dan even more. “Sweet Jesus Dan! Ple-ase- oh my god please Dan!” I chanted over and over again begging for Dan to do more, my dick rock hard by now, and by the feel of it, so was Dan’s. “Please what Philly?” Dan mumbled against my now bruised and marked neck. “P-please, please d-o more.” Hardly able to comply with what I was saying, moans interrupting every other word. Dan thrusted it even harder and farther in me, dipping the tip of his fingers in with it, pushing it in as far as he could resting it on my prostate turning up even more. I arched my bad against the bed staring up at the ceiling, my mouth agasp sound refusing to come out now, all I saw was stars until Dan had enough and slowly pulling it almost all the way out, leaving just the tip in. By now I was panting heavily, so was Dan, just the sight of me getting him aroused it seemed.

Then, that’s when we both heard the door from down stairs shut loudly and my mother yelling for me. Both our eyes widening in fear. “Shit!” I mumbled and Dan quickly throw the dildo underneath the bed and untied me from my restrains. “Grab a pair of my pj’s and throw them on and a t-shirt!” I yelled as I sat up in my bed rushing to my dresser grabbing us pants to slip on. The calls from my mother getting louder and she was stepping up the stair as me and Dan got our cloths on and jumped on the bed together grabbing a textbook in the rush to pretend like we were studying, and to cover up our hard-ons I’m sure we both would get bitched at if they found out what we were really doing. Just as we got settled she walked through the door peaking her head in “Phil?” “Yes mum?” Bring my head up from the textbook I was so interested in. “How you doing?” She asked me opening my door more to fully walk in. “Fine, me and Dan are just studying for a test we have next week. What are you doing home early?” “Oh, we aren’t staying, I just need to grab something from the kitchen then were going out again, do you guys need anything?” She asked, always being extra nice whenever we had Dan over. “No Ms. Lester,” Dan spoke up, “We’re fine, thank you very much.” He said looking up from the book and passing her a smile. “Okay sweetie. Well, we’ll see you in a few hours okay?” “Okay mother.” I said a queue for her to leave.

We sat there for a while until we heard the door close downstairs and the house going silent. “Phiiill.” Dan said, slightly annoyed, pushing the book off our laps going back to straddle me. “You said they weren’t gonna be home for a while you naughty boy.” We both knew I never planned for them to come home early, but to go along with Dan’s game I played along. “I’m so sorry baby, I’m such a bad boy, punish me.” I told him, leaning up to nibble on his ear lobe, causing him to moan. “Oh I plan on it.”

Within minutes we were back into the state we were before we were so rudely interrupted. Me laying naked, my hands tied above my head, the cock ring secured tightly around my hard dick, sweat dribbling down the side of my face passing my temples and washing off on my pillow, but this time, the dildo wasn’t inside of me. Dan was coating himself in the cold liquid, which was probably warm by now, getting ready to line himself up with me. Before I had any time to get completely ready, he thrusted into me as fast as he possibly could, sending a sting of pain throughout my body, still sore from beforehand, a screaming coming out from the deeps of my lunges. He didn’t even wait for me to adjust before he started to pound hard and fast into me, gripping my hips to keep them steady, lifting them off the bed in the slightest to get better access having me wrap my legs around his waist. “DAA-AANNN!” I was screaming at the top of my lunges, pleasure over ridding my body by now. “Mmm Phil!” I heard him just above our moans. Dan had his head hanging down, his curls coving up his flawless face as he was too lost in pleasure. The bed jerked up and hit the wall with ever thrust Dan made, sure to leave marks by the end of this. My cock was ready to explode if it wasn’t for this damn ring.

Dan yanked himself out of me as I gasped, moving my head up as much as I can to try and look at him. “Wh-“ “Shh” Was all I got from his as he placed his index finger on my plump lips to hush me up. Placing both his large hands on my broad shoulders, he leaned down to place his lips next to my ear before whispering, “Now, I’ma untie you, you understand? And you’re gonna prepare me for that big cock of yours. Got it?” I let my mouth hang open as I nodded. He soon leaned up to do what he said he would, then proceeding to toss me the lube by his feet. He moved his body up to sit that nice ass of his on my flat stomach. I wiggled my wrist around before actually grabbing the lube, they were sore from being held there as I yanked them. I squirted some on my three fingers quickly glancing back up to Dan, “Are you sure?” he had taken before only twice, I just didn’t wanna push him into doing it. “Yes, why would I tell you if I didn’t want to?” I just shrugged my shoulders in response, pushing the tip of my first finger into his tight arse, a moan exploding from his mouth. I slowly slid I all in, glancing up at him to see if he was okay but all I was met with was his head thrown back, mouth open as a river of noise came out form it. I started thrusting my finger into him, only for him to meet it with his hips crashing back down on my finger, which indicated for me to add a second, causing him to pause a bit before he picked up rolling on my fingers again. Just from my two fingers I could tell how tight he was, and well, I wasn’t the thinnest there was, it was sure gonna hurt for him. I kept my thrusting up, trying to spread him as much as I could before adding a third, a squeak come from him. “Shh, it’s okay honey” I coaxed him. Not before long did I think he was completely ready. “All set?” I asked him taking my fingers out, before doing anything else. “Mhmm.”

I reached around Dan to grasp my cock, slipping the ring off and squirting some lube on my hand to prepare myself, making sure it was warm enough for Dan, I cooled down a bit from earlier so I wasn’t as close to release as I was just 10 minutes ago. “Okay Dan, whenever you’re ready.” I let him go when he wanted to, he was always nervous before on the other two occasions, it hurt him more when he would take, I was thicker than average, which ones one of the two reasons why I would usually take instead of him, he doesn’t cope well with that kind of pain well. He slowly reached behind himself, grabbing my dick and lining it up with his hole, pushing down softly before heaving my tip enter causing him to gasp slightly. He gave himself a second before pushing down move, letting myself enter him half way, I tried my hardest not to buck into his welcoming hips. By the time he got all of me inside him he had his head on my cheat, lying as much as he possibly could on me in this position. I stayed still, stoking his hair, giving his head small kisses every so often as quiet whimpers slipped past his lips. “O-okay Phil, go ahead” with that, I gave him one more kiss on the top of his head before slowly starting to move my hips, griping Dan’s hips to keep him still while I did all the beginning work. His moans sounded like a mixture of pain and pleasure combined into one. After about a minute of me bucking my hips slowly, Dan started to respond, beginning to lift his hips off me and bring them down with a bit of force. I slowly picked up my pace, bucking up into him faster each thrust upward, a whimper coming from him every time I slid into him. “Fa-aster Philly” He whispered to me. I did as I was told, I always did, bring my hips up more to meet his with a quicken pace and before long and I pounding into with as much force as he was earlier, moans coming from both out lips. He grabbed at my chest as something to hold onto as I pounded respectively into his prostate, which I could tell from his loud moans I hit it. “Ph-philly, I-Ima clo-oose” I heard him say coming from where his head was now resting, on the crook of my neck, his hot breath sending shivers down my spine. “Mmm, me too baby.” A few more thrust and I felt Dan clench around me as his seed went in between our steaming bodies, mine going deep inside of him as I kept going, riding out my orgasm. By the time I stopped, I could feel my cum leaking out of Dan’s ass and down my dick.

Dan got pulled off me and collapsed next to me, resting his leg over my stomach, to spent to move it fully over. I leaned my head over to give him a short sloppy kiss, before retreating to take in more air. “I love you Philly.” Dan whispered before resting his head on my chest to take a nap before we had to get up when my parents get home again. “I love you too Danny.” Patting his head before resting my own head back on my pillows, taking Dan’s lead and falling asleep too.

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